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A Gregg in the Can

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way better then a jack in the box

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Strip Idea

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Here’s an idea I had for a strip where brian shows his envy of the recycle worker’s front loading truck.

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Free Drawing Lesson by Bobby Chiu

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A great tutorial video from artist Bobby Chui.


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This is a quick sketch i did of gregg.  He is a little more sloppy and skinny. I think it gives him more of a comic “goof” kind of look.


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These are the silhouettes of brian and gregg. We want to make them definable by their silhouettes alone. Gregg is on the left – he slouches more, rolls up his sleeves and pants, has a little gut, and his collar is a little more sharp/defined. Brian, on the right, stands up taller, has a smoother/cleaner collar. Gregg is pretty much a straight rectangle while brian is basically two triangles.  Should one or more of these traits be swapped between brian and gregg? should the traits be more exaggerated?

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Been thinking about ways to continue to make differentiations between Brian and Gregg’s uniforms. Here’s an idea I had concerning their collars.


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alternatives to brian…

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Some quick sketches of Brian that style wise are drastically different from everything we’ve been working on. Thoughts?

alternate brian

crazy brian

made almost entirely of triangles

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the stop light

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the stop light

Everyone has that one light they can never seem to beat. On their way to work; driving to school; right after you get off the free way. Doesn’t matter where this light is, it somehow always sees you coming, and cruelly ends up making you sit there.

I got an idea that Brian and Gregg need to have an intersection on their route just like this. I’m still working on whether I think it’s funnier if the light be near something important or at an oddly secluded intersection, but it’s a formidable advisory for our duo.

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the 5 finger morning

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I didn’t even realize this until after I was done drawing, but I gave gregg 5 fingers… I don’t think i’ve ever done that before. Other than a new finger, its just another average morning on the route.

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dog gone late

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a few weekends ago Gregg and Brian went to Bigby Coffee over the weekend and drew some dogs for a few hours. These are way over due to be put up; but with it being almost 2am, what better time then now to post some pictures up late.

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