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How to Draw Ears

Thoroughly thorough tutorial on how to draw human ears:


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Naming Characters

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This video by Yahoo! News in the “Who Knew” series discusses how some famous characters were named. It caught my attention because Calvin and Hobbes were in the thumbnail. Discussed in the video are Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Charlottes Web, and Calvin & Hobbes.

It seems like we are in good company by naming the main characters after ourselves. …maybe still a little vain.


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Some Great Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Web Comics

Here’s a couple Illustrator CS5 tutorials I stumbled upon recently; thought they were pretty interesting.

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web comics with great artwork

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How to Color Inked Line Art in Photoshop

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Photoshop posted this tutorial link on their Facebook page today.


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Free Drawing Lesson by Bobby Chiu

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A great tutorial video from artist Bobby Chui.


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I’d love to make a garbage truck this nice

Great tutorial on taking a photo of a van and turning it into a beautiful vector illustration.

how to create a hippy van vector in illustrator

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Disney Women

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Thought this was a pretty helpful page that showed some great concept art for Disney women:

Disney Women Folk

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more on gregg and the twilight of the living dead…

Found this article on Cracked.com, thought it would be a good reference for elaborating on our zombie world idea.

6 Mind Blowing Ways Zombies & Vampires Explain America

Also here’s a link to the original post of: gregg and the twilight of the living dead.

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creating an awesome launch page

This is a great article about creating a launch page for a product and really shows the impact of viral marketing:

Elements of a Viral Launch Page

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