“Brian & Gregg Are Going Places” is a web comic brought to you by Comic Garbage. “Brian & Gregg Are Going Places” follows the adventures, and day to day, of Brian, Gregg and their dog Growlyx. Brian and Gregg think very highly of their creative abilities, but as their gifts have yet to be appreciated by the world, they work as part time garbage men until they can start/finish their next masterpiece. But until then, business is good. There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of garbage out there, and someone’s gotta clean it up.

This blog contains any and all news and concept art regarding Comic Garbage and “Brian & Gregg Are Going Places”. Please feel free to dig through what we have, and, comment on any drawings or posts you find interesting. Updates are posted frequently but pretty erratically so check in routinely so you don’t miss out on any antics from your favorite digital duo and their dog.

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Brian and Gregg (the real ones)